Many Thanks…

We would like to thank the Man-O-War Community for their continued support, through photos received, articles in the Museum, funds donated and their over all enthusiasm for this project.

Jan Manni and Lisa Albury for their patience and expertise given, when I wanted to get every last detail.

Martha Roberts for her enthusiasm, time and belief in the Museum.  Her dad Mr. Haziel would be so proud.

The Snap Shop and Troy Albury for the dozens of reprints, touch ups and donations.

Mr. Willard Albury for his photos, expertise in boat building and willingness to educate anyone who wants to learn about boat construction.

Linda Sweeting-Weatherford for her old photos and desire to keep the old memories alive.

Joe Maggie and Family for donating their William H. Albury sailboat memorabilia.

The Second homeowners who have contributed to this project wholeheartedly and with such pride in their Island home away from home.

The Museum docents who give their time and stories to the visitors on the island.  And do it with such enthusiasm and grace.

Catherine Long who has made this web site possible.  She is a never ending supply of encouragement and talent in everything she does.  Our gratitude runs deep.



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Our plans are to have the deed in-hand sometime this year!

share your stories…

Want to be part of Man-O-War History? Well you can!! Just by sharing your family memories on the island, old photos or items to put in the Museum. We are always looking for ways to reach out to the people that have a connection with our Island home.


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