Man-O-War’s Boat Building Heritage

Man-O-War Cay is known for its superior craftsmanship in boat building. This craft goes back to the 1800’s. In the early 1900’s William H. Albury, or Uncle Will as he was affectionately known, was the man to see if you wanted a larger boat built. His keen eye and detailed workmanship helped solidify his name in history. Uncle Will was not the only boat craftsman on the island. Man-O-War Cay has had many fine boat builders in its history. Each man putting his own mark on the exceptional Abaco dingys we know and love.

  • "Rough Waters", 1975.
  • Abaco Dinghy
  • "Yippee", 1948.
  • "Man-O-War"
  • "Spinner", 1956
  • "Abaco Rage", 1981.
  • "William H. Albury"
  • "Malolo", 1965.
  • "Frigata"
  • "Frigate Bird"
  • “Flying Circus”
  • “Lucayo”
  • “Tribute”, 1947.
  • Maurice Albury with one of this many Abaco Dinghies.
  • "BarbaraW", 1965.
  • "Man-O-War", 1977
  • Launching day.
  • "Malolo", 1965
  • "Man-O-War"
  • "Malolo", 1965.
  • Uncle Will
  • Mr. Willard



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