Family History



  • Eddie Albury, 19 years old, circa 1907
  • Robbie and Alice Weatherford
  • Eddie, Lewis, Hartley and Kevin
  • Robbie Weatherford, Dorris Sweeting, Martin Weatherford, Alfred and Lizzie Weatherford, Gloria and Kenneth.
  • Alfred and Lizzie Weatherford.
  • Milton and Doris Sweeting.
  • Wilton and Rosie Albury.
  • Arelia, Alfred, Iva, Rosa, Eugene, Lizzie, Emma.
  • David and Sammy Albury
  • Eddie Albury
  • Harcourt Thompson 1940’s
  • Edwin, Walter, Freddy and Willard Albury
  • Jeff Albury
  • Maurice Albury and Wesley
  • Sarah with grandchildren Vernon, Marcel, Lois and Richie.
  • Norman and Lina. Together they started the well known Albury’s Sail Shop on Man-O-War.
  • William Sweeting and Francis Pinder of Spencer's Bight and Cherokee Sound. Married August 26, 1851 on Cherokee Sound.
  • Mary Roberts
  • William Henry Sweeting
  • Ernest Sweeting marries Celia Albury
  • Laura
  • Percy Sweeting, 1939
  • Venie Sweeting, 1949
  • Venie Sweeting with Peter, Walter and Celia, 1953

Family Tree


Click here for a larger view of the family tree.

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